Monday, January 19, 2009

Update on Sangeeta Chari

This from Sumita:

Spoke to Sangeeta Chari today. She is doing fine. Currently living on the money left on her name by her husband and the government grand she received. She is unable to work till her 2nd child goes to full day school from June onwards. She was visited by the Bombay Community Public Trust recently. They had come in to enquire about her well being. She is keen on learning tailoring somewhere in Vile Parle near home. Currently she can only stitch sari blouses. Will try and look for tailoring classes in the vicinity. If any one else knows of any such classes please do let me know.

Added by me: Could we, as a start, get some saree blouses of our own and those of friends and relatives done by her to help her start work and gain confidence in her abilities?

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