Monday, March 22, 2010

Would you like to start a collection drive?

This is what you can do to help the thousands of children who do not have the resources to buy books, bags, stationery, tiffin boxes, water bottles, etc for school. At the end of the scholastic year, many of us just throw out our children's old schoolbags, waterbottles, tiffin boxes, etc, and give away their school text books to the raddi shop. Read on, maybe the things you throw away could help a child:
This from Rohit Singh, Mumbai coordinator for Goonj:
I am writing to you on behalf of GOONJ (, a unique resource mobilization initiative, channelising urban wastage as a huge resource for rural India.
As a part of our nationwide movement, SCHOOL to SCHOOL (S2S) (Winner of Changemakers' Innovation Award), GOONJ.. organizes Collection Camps in societies, corporates, schools and colleges, and collect educational material that urban students discard every year. This includes old/ new school books and notebooks, water bottles, lunch boxes, pencil boxes, uniforms, stationery etc, in addition to general clothes, utensils, footwear, medicines, school uniforms & stationery, toys, story books, old magazines and newspapers. The good quality material is then distributed among students who cannot afford it.
It is a critical time to do so, as most of the schools will soon close for summer vacations, and much of this resource would have already been discarded by the schools re-open in June. Many prestigious schools have already become a part of it, but looking at the magnitude of the problem in Mumbai slums and the rest of rural Maharashtra, a lot more needs to be done.
We are seeking your support to help us organize a collection camp, to collect the above mentioned material. We request all of you to forward this information to all your contacts in other schools also and help us in making this initiative a success…
In case of queries, do feel free to contact the undersigned.
 Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Singh.
Coordinator - GOONJ.., Mumbai.
Email -
Add. - Shop # 4, M/s Well Wishes,
East India Tannery Compound,
Sethwadi, Dharavi, Mumbai - 17.
Tel.- 9322381600 or 9833237678.
Website -


Monika said...

is it only for schools or if i do in our housing complex?

Kiran Manral said...

You can, I can forward you the Goonj Bangalore coordinator's details if you like.