Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Encourage Use of Cloth bags; Pave the way for a Green Tomorrow

Human Chain Campaign at Pal Hill Market on March 29th

March, 2010, Mumbai: In a joint initiative to spread awareness
regarding the use of environmentally friendly cloth bags, Vishwa and
RUR have come together to launch the Green Marketplace Initiative and
will form a Human Chain at Pali Hill Market, Bandra (W) on March 29,
2010 between 10 am to 12 noon. The campaign aims at educating,
encouraging and creating awareness among the public to cultivate the
habit of carrying a cloth bag while going to the market.

This is the first initiative being undertaken by Vishwa, after the
success of Vishwa 2009 conference and exhibition.

The initiator of Green Marketplace initiative, Monisha Narke of RUR,
says, "With the government push to ban the use of plastic bags, the
time is opportune to make available economical, eco-friendly
alternatives. Cotton bags seem to be the best solution in our times as
they are earth friendly, bio degradable and re-usable many times

Mr. Yogendra Vora, Founder, Vishwa believes, "There are a number of
platforms to discuss environmental issues and look for macro level
answers; Vishwa aims to add to these efforts by focusing on simple
steps and everyday solutions, things that you and I can do towards
building a greener tomorrow."

The two organizations seek support and encouragement in the Go Green
initiative and invite citizens to join the human chain, and drive home
the message of developing a GOOD GREEN PRACTICE of carrying cloth bags
for shopping.


At a global level, the consumption of plastic bags is staggering - 500
billion per annum, an average of 1 million per minute. Only 1% of it
recycled. Plastic bags being non-degradable suffocate our planet, and
when dumped in landfills, like Deonar, lead to perdition. Plastic bags
are indeed a drain on our planet which affects global warming. Making
eco friendly reusable cloth bags a norm is the green way.

Today our world is at an environmental crossroads largely due to man's
irresponsible consumption and production practices. You need not look
too far to see and feel the effects - climate change, global warming,
mounting non-biodegradable waste piles, irregular monsoons,
proliferation of infectious diseases and many such environment related
issues are a daily reality.


Vishwa and RUR have adopted three marketplaces with fruit and
vegetable vendors' -- Citilight market in Matunga West, Mahim Bazaar
near Mahim west Station and Pali Hill Market, Bandra, where they have
conducted surveys on the use of plastic bags. Despite the government
ban on plastic bags less than 50 microns, it was observed that most
vendors and buyers continue to use plastic bags indiscriminately.

On an average, these vendors spend between Rs.200 and Rs.1000 per
month on plastics bags. Even though these vendors may support the
plastic bag ban or have been fined by the authorities however they
continue to dispense plastic bags due to the complete apathy shown by
the customers. Vendors do understand that the direct impact of the
reducing of plastic bags is towards their profits; however they feel
helpless as consumers continue to demand plastic bags.

The real need of the hour is to educate, remind and convince the
consumers to carry their own cloth bags to the market in order to
develop a good, green habit in the general public.

About Vishwa:

Vishwa is a unique first-of-its-kind platform in India to develop
sustainable solutions to the environmental problems facing the world.
Originating from the Sanskrit word meaning 'the whole world', Vishwa
is a non-profit platform for strengthening the development of a
greener tomorrow. It is an initiative of citizens who utilize
resources from our Mother Earth and feel the need of nurturing and
protecting it for the future by finding sustainable lifestyle
solutions TODAY!!

We understand that erratic human consumption behavior over the years
has led to issues like Global Warming, Climate Change, Deforestation,
Energy Crisis, Intense Pollution and Species Eradication, and we seek
to redefine our individual consumption patterns as well as business
practices, products and services to function in harmony with the

As part of our vision to create a platform for bringing together,
world class eco-friendly solutions… to create a cleaner & greener
future for our world, Vishwa organizes an annual event, The Vishwa
Show as well as year round activities that look for micro-solutions to
macro problems, and provide information about what every individual
can do to make a difference.

About RUR:

RUR: Are you reducing, reusing, recycling is an environment forum of
young mothers dedicated towards greening our planet. Our vision is to
create eco friendly citizens who make their waste worthwhile for the
MOTHER EARTH by adopting good green practices. We practice zero waste
management at home and wish that more start green living at their
homes/offices. Through workshops, practical demos, campaigns, we
spread the green message.

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