Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thank you time...

A big shout out to all you folk out there who sent in bags and bags of clothes and bed linen for the families affected by the Reay Road fire. A big thank you to each and every one of you. The bags have been dutifully dropped off at the Magic Bus office at Tulsi Pipe Road by IH volunteers. (Thank you Sangeeta, Suma). We have been informed by Magic Bus that they have enough clothes now, and will not be requiring more clothes, so please hold onto to your old clothes and bed linen till the next appeal folks.

A huge Thank You to Goonj which sent in utensils for over 20 families affected by the Reay Road fire.

Greishma has sent in a carton full of lovely, brand new clothes for Karuna's and Momina's children. Thanks a ton Greishma, they have been handed over to Suma who will ensure they reach the recepients.

A big Thank You to Arti Appachu who has paid the school fees for Meghna Heliya (a sweeper's daughter, who would have had to discontinue her education).

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