Thursday, August 6, 2009

Update on Momina's baby

From Orange Jammies, who spoke to the doctor.

Just finished speaking with Dr. Manish Gandhi at Shishu and here's what he told me:

Momina delivered at Vikas Nursing Home, 10 minutes away from Shishu Hospital in Ghatkopar. At the time of delivery, the baby cried only a little and then stopped. Dr. Gandhi said this does happen in certain cases, where respiration does not occur fully and normally (e.g. baby is stressed during delivery or does not realize s/he is out and has to respond appropriately) and due to this the baby was transferred to the NICU of their hospital within an hour of birth. He was apparently deprived of oxygen for about ten minutes immediately after birth.

He has been put on the ventilator and has responded adequately to the oxygen given, heart rate is also normalized, however we do not know what the long-term repurcussions of early oxygen deprivation are going to be. He will have to be under observation for 48 hours before any conclusion can be reached.

Momina is obviously not with her child, but there is one person with her, according to the doctor. He is aware of the financial constraints involving Momina's case and said they will do their best to minimize NICU costs, but cannot provide even a ballpark figure right now. I asked him if it was okay to call back for updates and he said I was welcome to do that.

So we'll have to wait and watch for the next 48 hours.

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