Monday, August 10, 2009

Hope to Help

Received this as a forward from Chandni, who has been consistently forwarding me most of the info you see up on this blog. Thanks C, God bless:
Dear All,
Over my numerous conversation with friends, family and associates, I came to realize that all of us want to reach out and help those who need it , but are unable to do so due to lack information or inability to get in touch with the right NGO or cause. We do feel that we should give back to our community, to our city, to our country, but are unsure about how and where we can help. In an attempt to mobilize action, Hope to Help is a small effort to help you lend a hand in that direction.
Started in Mumbai in 2009 by Shruti Arya, Hope to Help is a website to connect you with NGOs and reach out to give back a little. is an online initiative to help NGO's and citizens partner with each other to facilitate action towards common social causes. It is a website that provides a listing of the of NGO'S and their profiles, to help connect individuals to NGO's, in a way where a person can choose the field, area, activity as well as time to devote, and in their own way, give back, a little bit. Please do visit our website and sign-up with us.

We have already an established association with over 60 Mumbai-based NGOs who constantly need volunteers and other forms of help. If you wish to help in any sort of way, for any cause, at any location in Mumbai, Hope to Help will initiate a dialogue with NGOs specific to your requirement and put you in touch with them so you can help out in your own way.
eg if you want to help at childcare facilities as a teacher, in Colaba or Fort, on weekends.. we will look for an NGO that matches your search, and act as link to schedule the activity on your behalf so you can start helping.

For those of you on Facebook, simply copy paste the link below in your browser's address bar and join the group Hope to Help.
We will have regular postings on our Facebook page, so you can choose where and how you want to help.
Alternatively you can just write your preference of volunteer work along with your contact details (email preferred),as a wall-post on the page and a member from the Hope to Help team will get in touch with you.
We also request you to forward this page to as many, so that more and more people can be mobilized into action. We hope this small initiative becomes a larger movement.
Hope to Help is not just for individuals; corporates as well as groups can choose their area of volunteer work and the time they would like to devote to a cause they feel close to.
We would like to request you to be a part of this. It doesn't require anything from your side, expect a few listing details.
Do visit us at and sign-up as volunteer.
Alternatively you can email us on  or contact Deepa Shetty on +91-22-22047946 and we will send you a volunteer sign-up form.

This is our way of gathering momentum to work towards our social responsibility. 

We Hope to Help, and hope you will too!!
Looking forwards to your support
Shruti Arya
Hope To Help
tel: 91-22-22047946/47

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