Thursday, August 6, 2009

Monsoon helpline initiative from Rise Up

Posting a forward, which seems like a noble initiative:

THE MONSOON HELPLINE - Rise Up's next initiative

This Rainy Season, We've decided to help out all of you in need and give
everyone a chance to help out as well.

Introducing Rise Up's latest initiative, the "Monsoon Helpline*."

We've started helping people since the first showers, but we've finally
decided to go mainstream and make it more easily available to the masses.

You can call us on our cellphones in the case of any emergency or situation
and we'll try to help you out with our team of volunteers!

In case you wish to be a volunteer and help us help others, DO FEEL FREE to
contact us! we need all the help we can get!

Our numbers are,

Kaizad Bhamgara : 9820297774

Nigel Quraishy : 9221006212

Akshay Shah : 9820909043

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Chandni said...

They're also on Facebook.