Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update on Shabira Khan (26/11 victim)

This urgent update from Serendipity:

Shabira Khan is a victim of 26/11 attacks, the last one languishing in hospital. She. was injured by the taxi blast at Wadi Bunder along with her son. While her son has recovered with minor injuries, she is still in a critical state.
I just spoke with Abdul. (Shabiras older son). Firstly, here's the family tree. 7 people. Shabira, her husband, Abdul (24), Khalid (22), Sabah (19)m Shaheen (18), Shahid (17) and Sajid (14). Father working with Bombay Port Trust, earning Rs. 3,000 per month.
All kids except Abdul, the oldest are studying in school (Jamiya Islamiya school if I heard correctly).
The last time I had visited her in Wadala. Hospital, she had been admitted since 3 months, and was one of the only 26/11 victims still languishing in hospital. She had splinters which were embedded and had damaged her nerves in her foot and back. Her oldest son Abdul had a splinter below his right eye which thankfully missed his eye, and hence has not lost vision. I was told that the hospital (BPT) was paying for her medical expenses completely since her husband is a BPT employee. However, given her degenerating condition and doctors at BPT insisting that there's nothing they can do, they shifted her to Saifee hospital where she was to be operated. Cost of expenses at Saifee were upwards of 2 lakh (which is why I'm guessing they had to mortgage their home).
She was due to be operated at Saifee wherein during some blood transfusion process, they discovered Jaundice in her system, detecting which doctors at Saifee asked her to be transferred to Kasturbha Hospital which they told the family is a hospital specially equipped to handle jaundice. When she was transferred there too, the operation could not be done, and since they cannot afford medical fees, they've brought her back to Wadala (BPT).
Also, shes been told that if they don't operate within 20 days the situation could get out of control as the jaundice has apparently spread all over, coupled with everything else, her nerves have blackened and shes become very weak.
One of the daughters has taken leave from school and sits with her each day. So far I can see that they really need money, both for medical expenses as well as personally. Also, if we can get a doctor through contacts/second opinion. To note that her condition is critical now, her nerves have swollen accompanied by swelling in her liver. So at max, we can take all her papers and show to some other doctor, taking her physically may not be possible.
I have asked if Abdul can meet me tomorrow at Dadar, which is said is convenient for him as well. Will hand over a cheque for Rs 10,000, although the need of the hour is far more.

If anyone would like to help Shabira as well, please do write in at or

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