Monday, April 6, 2009

Update on Aahana from Kolkata

This from Mamma Mia! Me a Mamma?!?:

Here is the update:

After arriving in Kolkata, Purnima Goswami called up one of the
Kolkata coordinators, requesting her to get in touch with Aahana's doctor in Mumbai. Aahana was restless through the train journey and got a fever of 102.5 during the second night. Purnima wanted the doctor's permission to start Aahana on Augmentin. Dr. Nabi informed us that Purnima should hold off till Sunday and just continue with Crocin syrup. if the fever was still high on Sunday, then they would start off with the Augmentin.

When I called later on in the evening to find out how Aahana was faring, Purnima informed her that the fever had crossed 103 and so she got in touch with Dr. Nabi herself, requesting the go-ahead for the antibiotic. The doctor was still willing to wait for a day, but Purnima was frantic and so he agreed.

On Sunday, I had a small chat with Purnima regarding a doctor for Aahana. She said that they went to a Dr. Chattopadhyay, a peadiatric neurologist when Aahana was here a few years ago. Purnima will be visiting him once Aahana is better.

I called Purnima's daughter, Deboshree on Monday afternoon. Purnima has shifted into the new flat along with Aahana and even has a new phone number. Yesterday, a physiotherapist visited Aahana and Purnima. He will be starting sessions with Aahana today. Purnima wanted a back up just in case, so I suggested that maybe when she gets in touch with Dr. Chattopadyay, she could ask him to refer a physiotherapist who could help Aahana. Purnima liked the suggestion.

Purnima is also in need of a nurse to help her look after Aahana. There are some centres here that provide nurses, but it's all about luck regarding whether one gets a good one or not.

She can't thank the Niiggams enough for what they are doing for her and she referred to them as "Narayan and Lakshmi". I assured her that the Mumbai team would call her soon.

She told us to give them a breather for a day or two, before "troubling them with a mad woman's woes".

Purnima cried a lot and couldn't stop talking about her daughter. She said that nobody let her cry after her daughter's death. It seemed like she was grateful to be finally allowed to break down a little bit. I assured her that we would visit her this week. Purnima suggested Thursday since that is when her daughter, Deboshree, would be there too.

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