Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The Employment fair for People with Disabilities, Pune, September 2010

EKansh Trust presents an opportunity to potential candidates and employers to interface freely and explore the possibilities of employment for the disabled.

EKansh Trust is a registered Charitable Trust. We have recently received our 12A certification and are in the process of applying for 80G. We have successfully placed deaf and mildly physically challenged employees in jobs with good results. This has encouraged us to take our effort further and organize an open event.

We invite the participation of individuals who also believe in the cause of inclusion and that of organizations willing to open their minds and doors to the disabled who are more than able to undergo basic training and take on regular jobs. We intend to provide Sign Language interpreters for Deaf candidates and volunteers for the blind and mobility challenged.

This will be a 2 day event in September 2010 preferably on a Friday and Saturday. We need to raise funds for this fair and all donations are welcome.

We also request you to direct any person with disabilities looking for employment to us.

We're inviting sponsors for the following:
a- Venue: To accommodate approximately 25 stalls
b- Catering – Lunch and light refreshments : For approximately 80 people
[25 stalls X 2 Reps + Volunteers and Organizers]
c- Printing of forms, brochures, souvenirs, etc
d- Printing of T shirts [25 numbers]
e- Fees for Sign Language Interpreters
f- Rent of equipment for presentations by HR, CSR and DISABILITY experts

We have the assured media support of Sakaal papers, both Marathi and English. All sponsors contributing 20,000 INR or above, in cash or kind, will be mentioned in our advertisements and promotional material.

Any donation above 2500 INR will be mentioned in our printed souvenir. We are unable to provide any tax exemption for donations since we're yet to receive our 80G certificate. We hope this will not stop our supporters from donating generously.

We would be happy to share any other information you might need about this event. Our contact details are as below.
Email: info@ekansh.org or ekansh.india@gmail.com

Phone: Anita N Iyer: 9823513415, Ramona Parsani: 9823226900, Girish Sharangpani: 9850210443

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