Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An appeal for basic needs for educating 250 orphan girl children in Madurai

The HOPE TRUST was promoted in Madurai on June 13, 2008 as a public charitable Trust with the core objective of enhancing access to quality education for the orphans. The Trust believes that simple interventions to address the basic needs of orphans can bring a remarkable difference in their lives.

The Trust has established programmes centered on education for nearly 2000 orphans studying in Government schools of Madurai for the last two years through child sponsorship, support structure, personality development programmes helping students shape their attitude, learning acceleration programme (bridge school) and computer literacy programme. In the year 2010-2011, the Trust is planning to distribute uniforms, notebooks and other stationeries to 250 orphan girls to enable them continue their studies.

Uniform for 100 girl children @ Rs.250 per children
Notebooks – Long size unruled 192 pages (100 children * 5 notebooks per children @ Rs.20 per notebook) = Rs. 10,000
Stationeries- pen, pencil, box, sharpener, scale, eraser, bag, slipper for all 250 girl children.
"Invest in today: seek a brighter tomorrow"
We look forward to hearing from you
With warm regards,
Senthil Kumar. C

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