Monday, April 19, 2010

Update: Sachin Singh admitted into JJ

Sachin Singh, at JJ Hospital after being admitted.
Poonam Singh, at JJ Hospital

This update on Sachin Singh and Poonam Singh just in from Sangeeta:

The meting at JJ was scheduled at 10.00 A.M. However , the family came in late closer to 10.45 am. Dr Jadhav, the dean, was gracious and took us in immediately. We were helped and guided with all paper work and within 45 minutes Sachin was in Bed No 19 of the plastic surgery unit.

The operation will be scheduled for 21st April 2010, and is really an attempt to reduce the size of the bulge on the hand. We were told that the government does not pay for the second time that the 26/11 victims come in. Dr. Jadhav said the charges if any would be nominal and may even be sub Rs 2000. We envisage a 15 day stay for Sachin to ensure that he returns to his home healed completely.

I met Poonam and she is fine. She walks slowly and has put on weight..and the JJ doctors have advised her to loose weight as she has a problem with walking and extra weight will only make walking that much more difficult. I will post updates later and may avoid visiting the child too soon after the surgery. Infections are best avoided and too many people landing up too see Sachin only mean more exposure to infection.

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