Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update on the street schools

This in from Priyanka:
Thanks to the summer vacations, the number of kids coming to the school has increased. We have 110 kids in school 1,160 kids in school 2 (reduced to 120 now),and 60 in school 3. The number of teachers are few so Raut and Nadar have got 2-3 part time teachers for the period.
Radio Mirchi has started a toy collection drive. The toys they collect will be donated to Children's Toy Foundation which runs a toy bank and have buses that carry these toys to various municipal schools and slums for kids to play and enjoy. 
I spoke with Radio Mirchi and they have promised me to connect us with the Children's Toy Foundation, so that CTF could drop by our school once a week. Fingers crossed and hoping it works. Rest all good.

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