Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update from Kolkata

This just in from Baisali:

1) Ankit
Santanu called this morning. He said that Phulwinder (Ankit's father) called him and the operation was a success! Ankit is in the ICU now and the doctors from Germany will be staying on till Friday to monitor his progress. Phulwinder is expected to get an estimate from the hospital this evening regarding the next lot of expenses.

2) Ahana
Yesterday, Purnima brought Ahana to Apollo Hospital to get her stomach pipe changed. My friend, Dr. Gupta checked her and then referred her to his colleagues in the Gastro dept. I was in the hospital at the time so I was there. The tube was not available initially but they sent for it and came by the evening, by which time I had left. The procedure took only five minutes and Purnima even fed Ahana there to make sure everything was ok.

From Team India Helps a big big Thank You to Panchtatva for both Ankit and Ahana.

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