Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How To Get Blood In Emergency!!

Now it has become easier to get the blood we need.

All you have to do is just type "BLOOD and send SMS to 96000 97000"



So please pass this message to all. It certainly would save many lives.

It's a Must to Know & Share. Do it now....

Forward this to all your friends whom you care the minute you spare to share this information can save somebody's life with rare Blood Group!


Khushroo & Fermin Poacha said...

Dear Kiran,

This is a fake mail and sms going about as a forward. When you send an SMS Blood B+ve you get stock of Blood on your mobile from a Chennai Blood Bank. You do not get donors.
Best Wishes
Khushroo Poacha

Naga M Reddy said...

Yeah its true that we will get only info on availability of Blood in Chennai. but if we want blood any where in the country or wish to donate blood see the below details.

If you want to be a donor:

SMS Blood STD code blood group to 96655 00000

EX: "Blood 022 B+"

If you want blood:

SMS Donor STD code blood group to 96655 00000

EX: "Donor 022 B+"

initiative of Mr and Ms. Khushroo, Poacha

blood banks in chennai said...

Thanks for the excellent information.