Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Update on Aahana

This update in from Baisali, from our Kolkata Chapter:

Hello all.

Have just come back from my meeting with Dr. Saikat Gupta (friend and onco-surgeon) at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital. Purnima had taken all the medical documents along.

The procedure is a simple five-minute one and can be done in his chamber. He said he'll do it free of charge. We just need to buy the tube and the post-procedure medicines. I can take care of that. This procedure needs to be performed every six months, because these tubes do face a lot of wear-and-tear.

While we were there, we also went and met Dr. Debashis Mitra, Aahana's paediatrician, who advised Purnima on the child's diet, etc.

We are looking at a January date to change tubes.

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