Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Help this man

He lost his hand while trying to save his shop from being blown up. Read about it here.
Case History:
Prabhu Kumar Chaudhary a resident of a village in Rajasthan ran an electric appliance repair store in Naigaon, on the outskirts of Mumbai. He was injured while saving his shop from being blown up by crude bombs thrown by thieves who were targetting a nearby jeweller store.
He has lost his left palm as a bomb exploded in his hand. His leg was also injured but operated on by the doctors successfully at the Cardinal Gracias Hospital in Vasai.

His sister lives in Bhiwandi. He has a cousin, Mohan, who is currently helping him at the hospital. Parents are illiterate have come down from the village but unable to understand what the doctors have to say hence Mohan is of great help. After getting discharged he will be moving in with his sister in Bhiwandi.

Financial Situation:
The hospital bills are close to a lakh with no one to repay them. Post operative care will be additional. Condition of amputed arm not very great he will not be able to work as a mechanic any more the Doctors are still assessing what best they can do to help him. This could mean a longer hospital stay and more operations.
His cousin Mohan's contact number is 9049881696.
If anyone would like to help him pay his hospital bills, they could contact Cardinal Gracias Memorial Hospital Trust (Contact no. 0250-2325019).
Prabhu would also need help with counselling and rehabilitation, given that he will not be able to go back to his earlier profession. If anyone could help him with an alternate source of income, or professional training that would help him gain a job despite the loss of his left palm, do mail us at, or

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