Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Update on Poonam Singh

This in from Sangeeta:

Poonam's son, Yash, who is all of three years old refuses to go to her ( We need some one to counsel at the slum because Santosh has one day holiday a week. The kid will not go near Poonam. And Santosh's father is 85 years old he can't take anyone anywhere. I asked him why he did not tell me (about Yash's silence) and he said he assumed I knew it!

Santosh said that Poonam now has learnt to travel by train and changes two trains and travels alone to go to the Taj Training (Poonam Singh is being trained by the Taj Trust for a housekeeping job). He was happy and told me she is much stronger. Yes, her knee may buckle occasionally.

I asked him directly about the medical issues (he has been quoted in the Times of India report saying medical bills are mounting) and he said there are no great bills. Whatever problems they have they go to local doctor.

Edited to add: IH has collected funds directly in Santosh Singh's name for his home rent to enable Poonam Singh move to a lower level home from the hillock they lived in at Vikhroli, and is seeking medical help for their elder son, Sachin who has a finger injury that still needs treatment. We are also looking for counsellors who would be willing to make pro bono visits to Vikhroli to counsel 3 year old Yash.

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