Monday, November 30, 2009

26/11: Looking Back, Looking Ahead 6

Pune Chapter
Gunjan Parulkar, a software professional, manages India Helps' Pune Chapter. This is what she has to say about 26/11:
The housemaid at my Mom's home was a widow with three young children to look after. She toiled all day to make ends meet. There were times when my Mom not only gave her a shoulder to cry on, but my parents also helped her monetarily. Mom also took the maid's kid's lessons after her office hours to ensure they did not fail their school exams. This was one of our early lessons in social responsibility. There was and has always been this constant drive to help people around me.
When 26/11 happened, my first selfish instinct was to check with friends and family and ensure they were safe. After all, this wasn't the first time my city, country was being attacked. Forgive me for saying this, but it had become an everyday thing. A bomb blast here, a plane hijacked there.
The following two days, everybody on the blogsphere including me spewed anger and hatred. While browsing, I came across Kiran's India Helps, then Mumbai Helps, and wondered if this group will sustain or will it just be initial enthusiasm. Over one year, I have seen that all the members seem to bend over backwards to make a stranger's life better. Being associated to such wonderful people not only makes you feel better but more importantly makes your faith stronger. God bless!

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