Monday, October 5, 2009

Update on Poonam Singh

This in from Sangeeta:

On Poonam Singh ...she has a visit on 8th to JJ. They have been asked to do an MRI and money in an issue. They have managed to shift lower but the rent is more. I will wait for a month and ask for receipts.The new rent is Rs 3000, he has kept a person with him, some relative for Rs 1000. So in effect he pays Rs 1000 more than his earlier rent .

His son is in a bad shape, his left hand is not working well. Plastic surgery is needed as it looks bad and his wrist not closing. Will try and meet them when they come to JJ on the 8th, to understand the problem first hand.

Edited to add: The India Helps team would like to thank Dr Vaibhav Patil for conducting at home physiotherapy sessions pro bono for Poonam Singh. It is professionals like you who give your time and expertise, who help rebuild lives.

If anyone would like to help Poonam Singh, and her son Sachin, please do write in to us at or

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