Thursday, October 22, 2009

An appeal from Pune

This appeal forwarded by Gunjan:

Dear Friends,
This appeal has reached us through Dr. Anju Kagal who has been associated with FoC for many years. We request you to kindly help this man ( Ram Bhau Jadhav ) regain his dignity and independence with any amount that you would be able to assist with. Let us begin this festive season with a gesture that would make a huge difference in a person's life !
You could contact Dr. Kagal directly or email unmana ( ) who is a core member of FoC.
Cheques would be in favour of SOFOSH and receipts with 80G exemption would be given for the same.
Many thanks,
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Ram Bhau Jadhav is a 36yr male who was admitted on 11th Jan 2009. Reg No Sassoon Hospital, with an atlanto axial dislocation (broken neck). At the time of admission he was quadriplegic (paralysed below the neck). With traction he has recovered the use of his left upper and lower limbs. He is still bed ridden. Doctors will now attempt to assist fusion using transarticular screws and plates if necessary.
Currently the equipment required for conducting this surgery is available at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital ,where the surgeon Dr Sunil Nadkarni is willing to conduct the surgery free of cost. In addition Deenanath hospital will not charge for the use of the OT and subsequent post-operative care.
However, we need to raise funds for the implant and medicines (approximately Rs 35,000/-). His family members have abandoned him and there is no way that he can go out and collect the necessary funds. Therefore I appeal to you all to contribute whatever you can. Every penny will be helpful. The money can be given to SOFOSH from whom you will get a receipt which allows tax deduction. The surgery has to be done urgently.
Thanking you,
Anju Kagal ,
Professor of Microbiology,
PRO Sassoon Hospital Pune.
Mobile :9822623459


Whom have you helped today?

Find purpose. The means will follow.
Mahatma Gandhi

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