Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update on Paralysis Patient at JJ

With reference to our last post about the paralysis patient at JJ hospital who needed a series of 5 injections to stave off paralysis, India Helps, Panchtatva and Rotary Club (Thank you everyone!) raised funds to contribute towards these injections. This is Sayantani's update on the case:
Spoke to Dr. Jadhav. He said the injections have been given for Vithal Bhoi (that's the name of the patient) and he's recovering, though slowly. As of now, there has been an improvement of about 15 - 20% and he's still in the CCU.
He said we can't meet him while he's in the CCU and that we can visit him once he's in the regular ward. Requested him to let us know as soon as that happens. 

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