Sunday, February 14, 2010

Update on the pavement schools

This in from Priyanka:
Pavement schools-  a quick update
Zee education (Kids Zee) came across to the school and donated some new educational toys for the schools. It includes hindi flash cards and some other fun learning games which the kids in the schools are enjoying immensely.
Mr.Kumar who has a warehouse close to the school has agreed to allow us to keep toys and books in the warehouse. So I thought maybe we could collect new toys and books for the school and on Saturday we can let the kids learn through Play Way method. It could be clay, jigsaw, wooden puzzles, flash cards,books anything as long as they are in good condition it would help these kids.
(Please email us at if you have any such materials you would like to donate to the school or you could have them dropped at G-92, Shagun Mall, Near Dindoshi Bus Depot, Malad (E), Mumbai 400 097.)
Secondly there is a 6 year old girl Laadli who comes in the evening batch.She has a severe squint in her left eye. A  Vibgyor mom had organized a free check up for her with an eye surgeon in Santacruz and the doctor has advised surgery. The surgery could cost upto 20k. My sister spoke to an eye surgeon in Goregaon who has agreed to do it free of cost. There is a group of eye docs who periodically put up eye camps for under privileged kids hence they have taken her case. They have also agreed to organize these eye camps in the school every alternate month. These camps would check vision, provide specs to those kids who have a number free of cost and also provide free surgery for kids who need it.
That's the happy news from the school!!

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